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Blou Dip Mist is a revolutionary product developed specifically to protect and enhance the finish of your Dipped ride.

New and Improved!

  • More Mar Resistance
  • More Effective UV Stabilizers
  • Even More Color Enhancement
  • Slicker Feel
  • Highly Effective for Gloss coatings! 

Dip Mist not only adds moisturizers and conditioners to rejuvenate your dipped finish but it also helps prevent scratching with it's anti-mar agents and even enhances colors and sheen like a wax !

This isn't a product that was meant for paint and just "works" for dip.

This is a product which was created in a lab SPECIFICALLY for dip and other sprayable coatings and works flawlessly with them all, and has been tested by Halo EFX for use with their products.

***Microfiber towel not included with Dip Mist***