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QuickSet is an extremely useful tool when using AutoFlex TopCoats. Compatible with both Gloss and Matte AutoFlex, QuickSet drastically reduces the dry and cure times of the topcoats. This makes the turnaround time for completing AutoFlex installations dramatically more efficient, especially when air drying the vehicle. Anywhere from 1%-4% of the total combined TopCoat components can be added based on preference and environment. Full instructions located on bottle.

  • Each bottle will treat on average 11-14 liters of AutoFlex TopCoat (depending on % used)
  • Each bottle on average will be enough for 7-9 sedan sized vehicles in Gloss or Matte (depending on % used)
  • Around $8.00 worth of QuickSet is used on average per sedan sized vehicle Please be sure to follow all instructions on label and call Customer Service with any questions before using.